Day 70

I read an article about contemplative photography the other day. This concept really appeals to me as an introvert. I don’t like the pressure of trying to snap photos of anything in action. I like to take my time, enjoy my surroundings and really think about the photo before taking it. I really enjoy textures, patterns and unusual shapes. Truth be known, I probably prefer the activity more than the end result. Make sense?

This one is a little “out there” but the shapes in the yard caught my eye.

Day 70

Day 67

It’s funny how I often don’t notice things until I download the picture from my camera. I was admiring the date and other info cut out of the barnboards and didn’t even notice the turkey vulture perched on top of the barn! Love that little red door too!

1891This is the same barn as the one from Day 46 shot from a different side.